Yamato Tsutsumi

Name: Yamato Tsutsumi

Author: Phan Huy Duong

Title: Billion Dollar Skelton


This story has two concepts: “Money power” and “peace.“  I was so impressed about the way to find his children with wasting so much money.  This is kind of haughty to spend it to do his selfish.  When the old man came and said, “You will burn the mountain of bones then I’ll give you back your son’s bones. “  I felt that he is saying  like  American responsibility to take care of them.  This old man must be waiting this opportunity and that is why he waited for the campaign’s over and correct the bones.  Besides, it is also similar description that the man exchanged the unknown bone with his own son’s and took it back to the US with him.  I felt this is like exchanging the “peace.”  By putting each born in each country, it is going to be the tribute not to repeat the same silly mistake, which is the meaningless war. 

I recommend this reading story. .  This story reminds me the “Sound of Harness Bells”, which is about the separated husband and wife.  We can say same thing between father and son.   I want the reader to notice that the sentimental change of the billionaire man who was really selfish first.  I also want reader to think what he thought during sitting for hours, without moving.  We may be able to think about the war with the both aspects American and Vietnam.